A Small Way to Help

During the last few weeks, many of us have admired the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers who have been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. While I have tried to do my part by wearing a mask, social distancing, and supporting small businesses, I couldn’t help but see the sacrifices of others and wish there was something more I could do.

Well, thanks to a newspaper article, I found a small way to pitch in and help. Apparently, as a result of the coronavirus, thousands of blood drives had been cancelled. With that in mind, I visited the American Red Cross’s website. The website was simple and convenient to use, and within minutes, I was scheduled to donate at a blood drive not far from my home.

When my scheduled day arrived, I was able to complete the health history questionnaire at home using a tablet. The appointment only took about an hour. For those of you who have already recovered from COVID-19, the Red Cross does have a COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Program, which I would suggest you look in to.

If you’re like me and are wishing there’s something more you can do to help, consider giving blood. To learn more about the American Red Cross and donating blood, visit www.redcrossblood.org

Proposed Ohio Bill Would Allow First Responders with PTSD to File for Workers’ Comp

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Over time, the stress of being a first responder can take a serious toll on mental health. Firefighters, police officers, emergency dispatchers and EMTs witness tragedy on a daily basis. This can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can cause depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, emotional detachment, difficulty maintaining close relationships, substance abuse and other problems.

The proposed Ohio Workers Comp Budget Bill (House Bill 80) adds language that would allow emergency personnel in Ohio who suffer job-related PTSD to file worker’s compensation claim, even if they did not suffer a physical injury.  Previously, any mental condition that was considered eligible for worker’s compensation needed to be accompanied by a physical injury.  

According to WBNS News, the part of the bill offering eligibility to first responders was pushed by Katherin Hardin, whose 28-year-old son Trever Murphy, a former firefighter with Orange Township Fire Department in Delaware, committed suicide. First responders are 10 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. A 2015 survey of more than 4,000 first responders found that 37% had contemplated suicide and almost 7% had attempted it.

This week the Ohio House of Representatives approved the bill, sending it to the Senate. If you wish to contact members of the Ohio Senate to voice your support for the first responders eligibility for PTSD compensation, go to http://www.ohiosenate.gov/senators.

If you have questions about workers’ compensation claims, contact GBM law for a free consultation.


Fractured Leg Causes Ongoing Problems- $285,000 Settlement

A central Ohio woman was injured when another motorist ran a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgery to implant a steel rod. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems resulting from the accident. Attorney J. Scott Bowman produced testimonials from her treating doctors confirming her ongoing problems which lead to a $285,000 settlement.

VERDICT ALERT: Verdict Forces Insurance Company to Take Responsibility and Pay $100,000

An avid amateur hockey player’s life was turned upside when she was struck by a motorist who ran a stop sign. With the insurance company disputing even the most basic medical care necessary to repair her injured neck, attorneys Mike Geiser and J. Scott Bowman forced the insurance company to take responsibility and took the case to trial. After five days of teamwork between the client and the attorneys at GBM Law, a verdict of $100,000 was rendered and justice finally obtained for the client.

Fractured Thigh Bone Causes Ongoing Problems $285,000 Settlement

Minding her own business once nice, fall, afternoon, a woman was crushed by a vehicle that blew a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgical procedure involving the implant of a steel rod. After a lengthy recovery, she found that she continued to limp which then caused additional problems with her hips and low back. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems as related to the car crash. Attorney J. Scott Bowman was able to procure testimonials from her treating doctors to confirm the ongoing problems which lead to a $285,000 settlement.

1.1 Million Dollar Settlement for Man Crushed Between Tractor and Trailer

A hard working man was performing his job duties checking the oil and other fluids on a refrigerated trailer in a tow yard when a trucker, without warning, backed his tractor up to couple with the trailer; nearly crushing the man to death between the trailer and tractor. Through the hard work of some of central Ohio’s finest doctors, this individual was able to get back on his feet but unable to perform his job duties ever again. Attorney J. Scott Bowman hired experts to show their client’s inability to perform his job duties, to show his past and future loss income, and loss of ability to perform day to day activities. All of this lead up to a settlement conference that resulted in a 1.1-million-dollar settlement helping the client care for himself well into his future.

Insurance Companies Are Denying Emergency Room Claims

Hidden Clauses in Health Insurance Policies Severely Limit Coverage for ER Use

Imagine thinking your spouse is having a heart attack. You call an ambulance, admit them to the hospital ER, see a doctor, have multiple tests and they are put on several medications. Thankfully, it turns out to be an upper GI infection that is easily treated. You may well have run up a hospital bill that could easily exceed $10,000. Then, you get a notice from your insurance company that they will not pay the bill.

That is exactly what is happening with some insurance policies including Anthem, one of the nation’s largest insurance providers. The claim denials are showing up in several states and include private and employer based policies. Most consumers aren’t finding out about the change in policy until after they are billed for their hospitalization.

Vox reports a real life example of a woman who was taken to an ER because she thought she had appendicitis that turned out to be an ovarian cyst. She was billed $12,000 that her insurance company, Anthem, refused to pay the claim. The article also reports on how and where these denials are taking place.

When we are confronted with a medical emergency and go to the emergency room, we expect the doctors to diagnose and, hopefully, fix the problem. We also expect that our health insurance company will then pay for the emergency medical care that we received that was not only necessary, but may have saved our life.

This is not only an abdication of their responsibility, but will cost people their lives as consumers learn of these policies and choose not to go to the ER because of the financial risk. When the condition you think might be a heart attack is one, you shouldn’t have to calculate the financial risk of going to the hospital.

Vox reports a real life example/ The article

Link here:


GBM Law obtains highest recorded verdict for loss of consortium claim in Pickaway County, Ohio

The spouse of a man traumatically brain injured in an auto collision received $150,000 from a Pickaway County jury.

Some cases involve more than just the physical injuries. Families are also affected as they deal with the aftermath of a collision. One such family hired GBM Law to represent them after their lives were upended following a crash in Pickaway County. With bills going to collections and the loss of their breadwinner, the spouse of an injured victim was forced to provide care for her husband and family by day and work nights to make ends meet. At trial, GBM Law attorneys successfully argued to a jury that the spouse should be compensated for her losses resulting from the crash in addition to those sustained by her husband. The jury agreed and awarded her the highest amount recorded for such an award in the county.

Truck Accident results in Significant Shoulder Injury

While returning to work after his lunch break, GBM Law’s client was hit head-on by a truck. Although surgery was performed to repair the damage, our client’s recovery time and future limitations put his career in jeopardy.

GBM Law successfully worked with medical providers and economists to document our client’s future economic damages and was able to settle the case for $285,000.

Client turned down by other lawyers receives $660,000

After being turned down by other law firms, a woman whose foot was crushed by a forklift came to GBM Law where we were able to secure a $660,000 settlement from a large Midwestern retailer who employed the forklift driver that injured her.

Separate and apart from her workers compensation case, GBM Law successfully held the employer of a forklift driver accountable for the injuries their employee inflicted upon our client who was working for a different company inside the same warehouse at the time of her injury. After extensively litigating the case and battling for the drug test results of the offending driver, Sydney McLafferty and J. Scott Bowman negotiated a settlement that compensated our client for the pain she had incurred as a result of the injury and protected her future with a permanent injury.