My name is Carolyn Owens and if you need the services of an attorney you should find the BEST attorney to handle your case. I would like to recommend the services of Mr. Michael Geiser. He is a total professional who will research your case and be prepared for all contingencies. Mr. Geiser and his entire office staff will treat you like family, this I know from personal experience.

My 78 year old father was seriously injured when he was knocked out of the back of his pick up truck after being hit in the head with the bucket of a backhoe. His back was broken in several places which required neurosurgery. He had a head injury, multiple abrasions and a rotator cuff tear. His injuries and complications that followed required two hospital stays at Grant Medical Center, a nursing home stay and rehab before he was able to go home. He still required follow-up care for several months.

After learning that the backhoe operator had medical issues that perhaps contributed to my father’s injuries, I got dad’s permission to contact an attorney. Thankfully, I found Mr. Geiser. He reviewed my father’s medical records, interviewed my father, and researched the case. When the backhoe operator refused to accept responsibility, Mr. Geiser proceeded with the case. He recognized that my father was not used to asking for help and he believed in my father and in his case. Mr. Geiser was able to reach a satisfactory resolution in dad’s case. He treated dad with the respect that he deserves and I am sure that he deals with each of his clients likewise.