“I was in a car accident that caused injuries/medical bills totaling $25k. I also missed several weeks of work with only partial short term disability pay available. I was told my recovery would be months if not years. I hired Andy Cecil after weeks of being misdirected and put off by the at-fault parties’ insurance company. I finally realized that I needed to contact a lawyer and at least see if I had a case and what was normal for this kind of situation. I had co-payments of $5k coming due and being a paycheck to paycheck single mom, missing work had put me in a very stressful financial situation. Andy assessed my case and told me what he felt was the right course of action, and what he anticipated would happen. The insurance company offered to settle shortly after they were informed I had hired Andy. I was amazed. Andy is incredibly knowledgeable and caring and I deeply appreciate all his help through one of the most stressful times of my life.”