I met with several personal injury firms after my car accident in February, 2010. I immediately felt very comfortable with Matt Ice, an attorney at Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty. He paid close attention to the details of my situation and asked relevant questions. The fact that he had previously worked for an insurance company made me feel confident that he had a unique insight into the litigation process.

During the time we worked together, I was impressed with the professionalism of Matt and his office. Medical records, prescription receipts, and correspondence were meticulously kept and filed. Matt always had the necessary information at his fingertips. I felt very secure having Matt in charge of my case.

With Matt’s help, I was able to access the medical portion of my own vehicle insurance to help me pay medical expenses not covered due to the deductible on my health insurance. Matt patiently and thoroughly prepared me for what to expect during the deposition. He was supportive throughout the process. Due to surgery and other issues, my case was not settled for over three years after the accident. Not once did Matt pressure me to finalize my lawsuit. He kept in touch throughout and helped in any way he could.