We, as Ohioans, have a very important election coming up this November.  Two seats on the Ohio Supreme Court are at issue.  Currently, there are six (6) Republicans and one (1) Democrat serving on the court.

Before going further, I will tell you that I am a registered Democrat.  However, I vote based on the individual and not the party.  Here in Franklin County, I have routinely voted for Republican judges that I thought did a good job and gave my clients a fair chance in their court room.  I have donated money to these judges in their races against Democratic candidates because fairness is more important to me than party affiliation.  Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer, a Republican, can count on my support should he run in the future.  Fairness and balance is all that I ask from a judge or court.

The current Ohio Supreme Court is not a court where I believe my clients receive fair treatment.  This court has issued ruling after ruling in favor of insurance companies and businesses to the detriment of ordinary people.  The court has issued rulings allowing health insurance companies to be reimbursed for its payments before the injured party is compensated for the injury, and permitting caps on the damages but not allowing the attorney to tell the jury that there are caps on damages (how would you like to spend 5 to 6 hours deliberating on what to pay an injured victim and then find out that you could only award “x” dollars regardless of your decision?)

The latest ruling by this court allows a police officer to issue a speeding ticket based on the officer “seeing” the car and determining that the car must have been speeding.  In the case at issue, the Supreme Court ruling allowed an officer to testify that a car was going 70 mph in a 60 mph zone.  Do you really think any officer can determine a difference of 10 miles per hour when vehicles are going that fast?  Can any of you watch a baseball game and determine how fast the pitcher is throwing the ball?  That is about the same speed involved.

Go here to see how this story made NATIONAL NEWS for its outrageousness.  Ask yourself if you think you can tolerate 6 more years of decisions like this and the others mentioned above.

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