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While the trucking industry is vital to the nations economy (trucks carry almost 69% of all domestic freight), More people will likely be killed in traffic accidents involving large trucks this year than have died in all of the domestic commercial airline crashes over the past 45 years. While there has been a steady decline in automobile fatalities over the last four years, fatalities in truck accidents have increased in each of the 4 years.

Large Truck Accident Statistics for 2012:

  • 3921 people killed in crashes involving large trucks
  • 104,000 people injured in crashes involved with large trucks

What You Need to Know if You are Injured in a Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents are different than typical automobile accidents, because most involve a trucking company and their insurance company. They will have their insurance company and their lawyers on the case immediately.

It can be critical to your outcome that you do the same.The trucking company and their insurance company will seem like they are on your side, but they are not. Rest assured, their first job is to save their company as much as they can in damages. They typically will try and prove that somehow you were the cause of the crash. They have enormous resources and will not be shy to use them against you if necessary. Getting a truck accident lawyer who has experience and success with truck accidents is the only way to even the playing field.

Extensive legal knowledge of commercial vehicle regulations on both the federal and state levels are essential in handling large truck accident cases.

What to do if you are in a Truck Accident

  • Seek Medical help immediately
  • Take pictures of the scene if you are physically able to do so.
  • Write down all the facts of the accident as soon as you can.
  • Find an experienced truck accident attorney
  • Obtain Accident Report

Causes of Large Truck Accidents

A common problem in large truck accidents is driver fatigue, as hours of service regulations are routinely violated. Careful examination of records after an accident involving a large truck often shows serious and even fraudulent violations of those safety regulations. However, trucking companies are only required to maintain many of those records for only six months. Without obtaining those records before they are destroyed, the task of proving the trucking company’s negligence is much more difficult.

Another common cause of large truck accidents is speeding. Since a commercial driver’s livelihood depends on maintaining an operators’ license, these drivers are less likely than drivers of other motor-vehicles to have previous suspensions or revocations due to intoxication. Their main objective is to get from one destination to another. As a result, almost 30% of all large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2000 had at least one prior speeding conviction, compared to just under 20% of passenger car drivers involved in fatal crashes.

Other causes include:

  • Pressure on Driver to Deliver Items on Time
  • Improper Truck Maintenance
  • Improper Tire Maintenance
  • Breaking Problems
  • Driver Error
  • Overloading

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