We have successfully represented plaintiffs in civil matters for more than three decades.

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Bill Carroll

My name is Bill Carroll and I am a firefighter. I was riding my Harley motorcycle down a country road when a car turned left in front of me. I forced my motorcycle to the ground in hopes of avoiding the car, but we collided and my body hit the ground and then the...

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Don Bircher

My name is Don Bircher and I live in Pickerington, Ohio. I was injured when a local pharmacy gave me the wrong medication. My doctor prescribed a medication to treat a non life-threatening condition. The pharmacist gave me the wrong medication with a similar sounding...

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Elizabeth Minturn

I am Elizabeth Minturn from Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I was seriously injured due to a car accident. The insurance companies denied responsibility for the wreck. My fiance and I were referred to Mike Geiser’s law firm after the accident and we hired Mike. The accident...

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Jessica Cruz

When the tragic accident happened causing the death of my son Asa I did not hesitate in calling Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty for representation. A year prior to the accident I needed advice dealing with a situation and had called many lawyers. It was Geiser, Bowman...

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John and Sandy Doutt

We are John & Sandy Doutt. We found ourselves in need of an attorney after a serious accident on our motorcycle. While we both sustained injuries my wife’s were far more serious, including a traumatic brain injury. A month after the accident we still had not...

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Tim Carter

On June 13, 2007 I was driving to work when another car turned in front of me causing a wreck. I broke my leg and was taken to Grant Hospital where Dr. Bruce French surgically repaired my leg. I was off work for about a year. Mike Geiser was my lawyer. Mike was always...

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Ta McGuire

My name is Ta McGuire and I hired attorney Mike Geiser to represent me when the car I was in was hit by a truck in Gallipolis, Ohio. Glass shattered when the truck hit the car and a piece of glass entered my ear puncturing my ear drum. Dr. Abraham Jacob performed...

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*Testimonials on behalf of GBMLaw are by current or former clients.  The views expressed by our clients should not be considered as a guarantee that all cases will have a successful outcome.