The short answer is yes, however, there is a caveat. While the law requires that all motorists have car insurance (known as liability insurance), this is not always the case. If a driver is uninsured, you can only sue that individual for damages to you and your vehicle. The problem with this is, not many people are independently wealthy. This means you might not recover anything from the at-fault driver. However, there is a way to recover even if the other party is uninsured and has no money.

The best way to insure yourself against an uninsured driver is to purchase uninsured/underinsured coverage. This coverage will allow you to recover from your own insurance company when the at-fault party does not have insurance to cover your property or bodily injury damages. This coverage is usually as much as your limits are on your policy.

According to recent statistics, 13.5% of all Ohio motorists have no liability insurance putting Ohio 17th in the nation when it comes to uninsured motorists. Therefore, it is vital that if you don’t have underinsured coverage or uninsured coverage, you call your insurance agent or insurance company and get that coverage added. You never know when an uninsured driver could hit you. If you have been injured due to a car accident, don’t give up, get help.