Columbus Personal Injury Attorneys 

Personal injury is a specific area of legal practice that focuses on getting fair compensation when a client is physically harmed due to the negligence of another person. 

Compensation can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Travel expenses
  • In-home assistance or care
  • Emotional or mental distress
  • Pain and suffering

Compensation is also permitted by law for the cost of permanent injuries such as future medical care, future wage loss, and future pain and suffering.  

GB Law is a law firm located in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in personal injury law.

Why You Need a Columbus Personal Injury Attorney

Expert Legal Advice & Compassion During a Difficult Time

A Columbus personal injury attorney comforts her client

When you or a loved one are injured, the last thing you want to do is deal with legal paperwork and negotiate with insurance companies. You may even decide to not deal with it and settle for whatever it is that comes your way. 

However, it’s important to fully understand your options — especially if there is a negligent person or business involved.

Our Columbus-based personal injury lawyers have worked for decades with over 10,000 clients, so we know how to treat our clients with compassion, especially in the most difficult moments of their lives. 

Everything we do is for our clients, and it shows through our 400+ 5-star reviews on Google.

Receive the Compensation You Deserve

Did you know that insurance companies have certain representatives that only deal with victims who are not represented by counsel? 

In most cases, these claims adjusters are trained specifically to garner your trust by telling you what you want to hear: that everything is going to be okay.

However, what insurance companies say and what they actually do are oftentimes very different. From the very early stages of a claim, insurance companies employ tactics like getting recorded statements and directly accessing unrelated medical records; all in an effort to devalue you and your claim. 

Insurance companies’ ultimate goal is to preserve money by paying you and other drivers as little as possible.

Insurance companies have different representatives that only work on claims where the victims are represented by attorneys.

Although many personal injury attorneys claim to be trial lawyers, many will not file lawsuits and even fewer will actually go to trial. Insurance companies know which lawyers will actually push the farthest for their clients, and our case results prove it.

The attorneys at GB Law are true trial lawyers; we prepare each case as if it is going to trial because that yields the best results and, if a case does not settle, we are ready for trial.  

By taking this approach, we find that we give our clients the best chance for a successful settlement. We know the majority of our clients never want to see the inside of a courtroom.  However, our attorneys know that preparing for that possibility is the very best way to avoid it.

Areas of Personal Injury Practice

We take on many different types of personal injury cases, including (but not limited to):

If you aren’t sure if your personal injury case falls under any of these categories, we encourage you to call the office or schedule a free consultation with our Columbus accident attorneys at GB Law.

What is GB Law’s Process with Personal Injury Cases?

1. Intake

columbus personal injury attorney takes intake call

When we receive a phone call or an inquiry regarding a personal injury case, we ensure that direct contact with an attorney in our law office in Columbus is made to capture as much information as possible regarding the incident.

The questions we ask through the intake process allow us to determine if there are grounds for a personal injury case. It is important for us that anyone who contacts our Columbus law firm receives the best legal advice possible in regard to their situation.

This is why when you contact us, you speak to an attorney, not an intake person or department.

2. Building the Case

Columbus personal injury lawyer takes notes as his client explains what happened to him

It is important to secure evidence of another person or party’s negligence as early as possible. 

Even in what should be straightforward situations, insurance companies train their representatives to shield the company from full responsibility. 

Attorneys at GB Law focus early on identifying what information and evidence will be needed to build a solid case. For example, the lawyers at GB will:

  • Immediately order all necessary federal, state, and/or local law enforcement reports that memorialize the facts of the incident or event.
  • In a car wreck, that means traffic crash reports and investigative follow-up, such as reconstruction, if applicable.
  • For dog bites or attacks, garnering state or local health department records or warden reports can help.
  • For workplace injuries, incident reports and OSHA investigative reports can contain vital information to your case.
  • Secure evidence such as damaged vehicles, event data recorders, videos, (including dashcam and bodycam footage), or cell phone data.
  • Identify all possible liable parties and perform research on the history of claims and collectability.
  • For example, if a negligent driver is “on the clock,” his or her employer may be liable for their actions.
  • Similarly, contractors or other agents may have contributed to negligent situations and conditions and could share responsibility with other negligent parties.
  • Connect with our network of affiliates such as private investigators, engineers, safety experts, and others to explore the unique needs of specific types of cases.

Building the case also includes making sure we have the necessary evidence to prove the connection of your injuries and losses to the event that caused them. Many times, who is at fault is not the main issue in a case. 

For example, medical providers must connect the injury they are treating and the treatment they are recommending or providing to the personal injury claim. It is also important to properly document time missed from work due to an injury. 

Finally, it can be very challenging to prove prospective future care, treatment, or disability to a claim.

By hiring a lawyer, you give yourself the best chance to fully develop all aspects of your specific harms and losses to get the compensation you deserve.

Every personal injury case is as unique as each individual client. 

GB Law attorneys work with each client to obtain and document the rest of the story of how the incident and injuries affected their life. 

A large part of a good settlement or jury verdict is the non-economic losses suffered by a client, such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • The inability to continue to do the things that they enjoy about their lives

We talk to family members, close friends, and co-workers to obtain their firsthand knowledge of how they have witnessed our clients struggle or persevere during their treatment or disability.

3. Attempting Settlement

personal injury attorney offers handshake after settlement

It is extremely important for personal injury victims to know that once they settle their claim with an insurance company or at-fault party, it is final and cannot be reopened. Therefore, in most situations, it is critical to have a full understanding of all the harms and losses the client has suffered before considering settlement.

At GB Law, attorneys will monitor the case for particular milestones toward settlement, such as:

  • The end of medical treatment
  • The ability to return to work
  • The ability to return to personal activities and lifestyle

If the situation appears to be more permanent, GB attorneys will obtain the documentation supporting a permanency or disability claim.

Once all of these aspects are factored in, GB Law attorneys use their skills, experience, and resources to assess the value of the client’s case. 

GB attorneys use historical settlement and verdict data, case comparisons, and other resources to assess a case’s settlement value, all while focusing on the unique aspects of a client’s case.

We educate and consult the client about the value of the case, and with their permission, we initiate settlement negotiations.

As mentioned before, GB attorneys prepare their cases as if they are going to trial. Therefore, if settlement negotiations are not productive, it may be time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Many cases will still settle without going to trial. Oftentimes just by filing a case, settlement offers increase.

Whether a suit is filed as a strategy or an end game, GB Law is prepared for whatever direction the client’s case needs to go.

Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

coumbus personal injury attorney discusses case with satisfied clients

Understandably, clients are often hesitant to hire a personal injury attorney. Even though they may be suffering and overwhelmed following an accident or injury, they are concerned that hiring a lawyer is too aggressive. 

Hiring a lawyer levels the playing field. Insurance companies have decades of experience and strategy working in their best interest. You should be proactive in looking out for your best interest as well.

The accident victims who hire our experienced Columbus personal injury attorneys don’t regret it. 

We have guided and represented injury victims through some of the most painful, difficult times of their lives. We help them navigate their recovery and ensure the negligent party is held accountable for their actions by fighting for the compensation they deserve.

If you are worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer, we are happy to put that worry to rest. Under our contingency fee agreement, we will not charge any legal fees unless we secure a financial award.

Our initial consultations are always free, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How Long Can an Ohio Personal Injury Settlement Take?

personal injury attorney considers how much long ohio case could take to resolve

It is very common for our clients to ask how long is this (settlement) going to take.

Our answer is to get you the best settlement in the shortest necessary timeframe possible. 

Our experienced lawyers at GB Law don’t want to settle a case prematurely. Once a case is settled, it’s over. There is no going back for more compensation in the event that the injuries suffered turn out to be worse than expected.

Therefore, we always wait until our clients are either completely back to normal or have reached maximum medical improvement, meaning the doctors have stated that the client/patient is as good as they will ever be, in the event of a permanent injury.

Simply put, we at GB Law always try to resolve cases as quickly as possible while focusing on getting full and fair compensation for you.

How is GB Law Different Than Other Personal Injury Law Firms and Law Offices in Columbus, Ohio?

Cases Based on Your Individual Needs

Our goals as a personal injury law firm are simple:

  • To treat all of our clients with attention, respect, and compassion
  • To get clients the compensation they deserve

Our Columbus personal injury attorneys tailor each and every case based on our clients’ individual needs.

In addition, we take the attorney-client relationship very seriously. That’s why, right from the beginning, you will speak with a qualified attorney and continue to work closely with them throughout the entirety of your case.

Our Knowledge of Columbus, Ohio, Strengthens Your Case

Mike Geiser

Mike has lived in Columbus, Ohio, for over 57 years. He was born in 1964 at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, and he and his family grew up in Clintonville and northwest Columbus. As a child, he attended Columbus Public Schools and graduated from Watterson High School in 1982. He would later graduate from The Ohio State University and Capital University Law School.

As a lifelong resident of Columbus, Mike shares a common bond with clients, jurors, judges, and lawyers who also grew up in the area. As a football fan, Mike has always been a fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes, the Browns, and the Bengals, which creates a bond that helps him relate to and connect with jurors and judges. It is not uncommon for Mike to know jurors, judges, and lawyers who participate in trials.

Scott Bowman

Scott Bowman has lived in the Columbus community for nearly 40 years. He attended The Ohio State University College of Law. Having lived in Columbus has helped him make connections with doctors, experts, and other individuals and companies he can reach out to for help with his cases.

On the legal side, Scott is a Board Certified Trial Attorney (by the National Board of Trial Advocacy) which means, in order to keep his Certification, he must prove that he has an added level of education and trial room experience above other non-certified attorneys. In addition, he has practiced law in the central Ohio area for over 20 years and is very familiar with the legal landscape. 

Do You Represent Clients in Personal Injury Cases Outside of Columbus, Ohio?

Many of our clients are from Columbus and the surrounding areas of central Ohio. We’ve represented clients all throughout Ohio, from Cincinnati to Cleveland and as far west and east as the state goes. 

You can read many of those clients’ stories and their case results here.

Does GB Law Have a Top-Rated Team of Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates, or Board-Certified Trial Counsel?

award for top trial attorneys

GB Law attorneys have been selected as 2022 Super Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, and in several previous years.

The Super Lawyers selection process is very rigorous and involves a blend of independent research, peer recognition, and professional achievements on an annual state-by-state basis. Super Lawyers are not allowed to nominate themselves or campaign for the award. GB Law is proud to have been recognized over the years as Super Lawyers by our peers and other legal experts.

Not only are we Super Lawyers, but our team of attorneys also have several Million Dollar Advocates. Million Dollar Advocate is one of the most prestigious awards a trial lawyer can earn

The title is limited only to attorneys who have won million- and multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Fewer than 1% of American lawyers have the title.

We are also members of the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers. This is a professional organization of premier trial lawyers across the United States who have shown superior qualifications.

Lastly, we have Board-Certified Trial Counsel on staff. Being Board-Certified means that the attorney, in order to keep his or her board certification, must go through a rigorous and periodic review to keep his or her board certification that includes:

  • Proving they have continuing legal education hours in excess of what is required of non-board-certified attorneys
  • Proving they are in the courtroom on a routine basis and can show evidence of trial attorney skills on a regular basis

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