*Testimonials on behalf of GB Law are by current or former clients. The views expressed by our clients should not be considered as a guarantee that all cases will have a successful outcome. 

Ashley Disabato

GB Law Testimonial - Ashley Disabato

Carri Hamilton

GB Law Testimonial - Carri Hamilton

Diana Martin

GB Law Testimonial - Diana Martin

Larry Bowman

GB Law Testimonial - Larry Bowman

Written Testimonials

I have had a great response with Deb Bohr and Michael Geiser. They are both very professional and keep you up to date with what happening in your case. I would highly recommend GB Law if you ever need help with insurance claims.

Gregory Tackett

Several times, I have had the opportunity to be represented by GB Law, the latest being recently. Andy, the professional that he is, was able to bring the case to a quick and positive conclusion. I rely on and respect his decisions as he is always impeccable with each and every case. He simply took over and handled all the stress and work to accomplish the task at hand. I could not ask for a better attorney...

He is honest and precise with everyone and in every situation. Andy has very high work ethics. He has taken time to discuss issues with me even if I did not find it necessary to file a case. He is extremely caring about his clients and works to bring forth the most positive results possible.
Cecil and Geiser, LLP, are the very best, caring, and diligent attorneys that I have ever known. They will always tell you the truth about the details of your case and are dependable in every way. Need someone to go to bat for you? Give them the opportunity and you will not regret it! Protecting Ohio, that is exactly what they do! Thank you, Andy for each and every positive result that you have accomplished for me and my family. I will always be your fan!

Linda Harris

I was in a car accident that caused injuries and medical bills totaling $25k. I also missed several weeks of work with only partial short-term disability pay available. I was told my recovery would be months if not years...

I hired Andy Cecil after weeks of being misdirected and put off by the at-fault parties’ insurance company. I finally realized that I needed to contact a lawyer and at least see if I had a case and what was normal for this kind of situation. I had co-payments of $5k coming due and being a paycheck-to-paycheck single mom, missing work had put me in a very stressful financial situation.
Andy assessed my case and told me what he felt was the right course of action and what he anticipated would happen.The insurance company offered to settle shortly after they were informed I had hired Andy. I was amazed. Andy is incredibly knowledgeable and caring and I deeply appreciate all his help through one of the most stressful times of my life.


In July of 2013, I was in a serious pedestrian accident while walking on the sidewalk. A motorcyclist was hit by a car and came up on the sidewalk and drove right into me. For several weeks, I was hospitalized and in a rehab center and unable to care for my daughter...

As a single parent, it was my worst nightmare. I was hurt, stressed, worried, and all I wanted to do was focus on getting better and getting home to my daughter. Mike Geiser allowed me to do just that. I let the experts do their job, so I did not have to worry about how the medical bills were going to get paid or what I needed to do, they took care of everything.
I don’t wish that situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, [the attorneys at GB Law] are the ones that will step in and hold your hand through the process with care. I am very happy with my settlement and will be forever grateful for all that they have done for me. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of this without their support.

Jennifer Russell

Words can’t describe how much Mike Geiser gave me peace of mind and the confidence to move on in a law firm that I had, when I was in a bad accident in 2012. Not only was Mike very kind but also very informative and organized throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer. If anyone would ask me who I would recommend as a lawyer, Cecil and Geiser would definitely be my response! The accident was in Ross County.

Alexis Rood

There are no words to express the peace of mind that the firm returned to us. After our daughter was involved in a very serious automobile accident as a passenger, Mike Geiser and his team gave us back our daughter and peace of mind in knowing her future ambitions and dreams can still be achieved...

Though it was a long process, Mike and his staff never allowed us to feel like anything other than family. Compassion, sincerity, and dedication mean a lot to us, and that is exactly what we received. We are thankful for our daughter’s health and recovery and thankful for Mike Geiser, a dedicated person concerned with her best interests, both now and for her future.

Mike Myers

I met with several personal injury firms after my car accident in February 2010. I immediately felt very comfortable with Matt Ice, an attorney at GB Law. He paid close attention to the details of my situation and asked relevant questions. The fact that he had previously worked for an insurance company made me feel confident that he had a unique insight into the litigation process...

During the time we worked together, I was impressed with the professionalism of Matt and his office. Medical records, prescription receipts, and correspondence were meticulously kept and filed. Matt always had the necessary information at his fingertips. I felt very secure having Matt in charge of my case.
With Matt’s help, I was able to access the medical portion of my own vehicle insurance to help me pay medical expenses not covered due to the deductible on my health insurance. Matt patiently and thoroughly prepared me for what to expect during the deposition. He was supportive throughout the process. Due to surgery and other issues, my case was not settled for over three years after the accident. Not once did Matt pressure me to finalize my lawsuit. He kept in touch throughout and helped in any way he could.

Patty Bishop

Overall, an unbelievable experience. I had never been in any sort of situation where I needed a lawyer, but I have to say that if ever I were to be in a time of need again, I would go back to Michael, Geiser, and Deb in a heartbeat. Mike and Deb were both above and beyond that the great relationship we developed was very reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Both were very attentive, easy to communicate with, and went the extra mile to make sure that he took amazing care of myself and the unfortunate situation...

Anytime I had a question, concern, or simply needed an update – everything was taken care of in a timely manner and never left me with any doubts or in the dark. Michael didn’t look at us as another claim but as people; he treated us like family, with respect, and looked out for our best interest.
I am from New Jersey and was living 5,000 miles away in Hawaii during the time of my claim, but neither distance nor time difference was ever an issue. I am more than content with the resolution of my claim and am forever grateful to Michael and his colleagues for their time, effort, and empathy. Thank you from all of us!

Michelle Olivo

I woke up on the pavement and was flown down to Columbus had to have a rod put in my leg and 50 staples in my chest, and luckily, Mr. Geiser was there, meeting with another patient in the hospital. My wife and I hired him to assist us in getting my medical bills payed and fighting the other insurance company, and it was the best decision I could have made...

Working with Mr. Geiser was extremely easy, and he was always there to communicate with and let me know how things were going with our case. I would recommend him to anyone trying to get what they deserve from their injury claim. Amazing experience with the best in attorney Ohio.

Josh Beltz

In August 2010, a semi-truck went left of center and hit my car head on. I was med-flighted to the hospital. My husband researched numerous legal firms before deciding on GB Law...

Michael Geiser came to the hospital to speak with my husband and myself. He explained my legal rights and answered all of our questions. Mike was professional and personable, and his concern for my medical condition was genuine. Mike treated us like friends, not just clients. Mike was always accessible. He kept us well informed; there was nothing that occurred during the legal process that Mike had not prepared us for.
It was due to Mike’s professional skill and hard work that I received an equitable settlement. I would fully recommend GB Law without any hesitation. I can’t say enough good things about your services.

Diana Martin

In September of 2008, I was in a motorcycle accident. A car pulled out in front of me, and I laid my bike down to avoid hitting the car. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and they took X-rays and sent me home. I called the other guy’s insurance company, and they told me they were not responsible because I didn’t make contact with the car...

I talked to a lawyer, and he said my case was not worth his time.
I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do. My shoulder was hurting, and the doctor told me I would need surgery if all other treatments failed. I received a letter in the mail from GB Law and I gave them a call and explained everything to them.
They accepted my case and were able to resolve it.  My settlement was $45,000 and I believe without them I would not have received anything. I was able to pay my medical bills and time off work.
Through the whole experience, they made me feel welcome and always at ease and always explained everything in a way that I could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm to anyone.

Donald Charles

My name is Carolyn Owens, and if you need the services of an attorney, you should find the BEST attorney to handle your case. I would like to recommend the services of Mr. Michael Geiser. He is a total professional who will research your case and be prepared for all contingencies...

Mr. Geiser and his entire office staff will treat you like family. This I know from personal experience.
My 78-year-old father was seriously injured when he was knocked out of the back of his pick-up truck after being hit in the head with the bucket of a backhoe. His back was broken in several places, which required neurosurgery. He had a head injury, multiple abrasions, and a rotator cuff tear. His injuries and complications that followed required two hospital stays at Grant Medical Center, a nursing home stay, and rehab before he was able to go home. He still required follow-up care for several months.
After learning that the backhoe operator had medical issues that perhaps contributed to my father’s injuries, I got Dad’s permission to contact an attorney. Thankfully, I found Mr. Geiser. He reviewed my father’s medical records, interviewed my father, and researched the case.
When the backhoe operator refused to accept responsibility, Mr. Geiser proceeded with the case. He recognized that my father was not used to asking for help and he believed in my father and in his case. Mr. Geiser was able to reach a satisfactory resolution in Dad’s case. He treated Dad with the respect that he deserves, and I am sure that he deals with each of his clients likewise.

Carolyn Owens

My name is Bill Carroll, and I am a firefighter. I was riding my Harley motorcycle down a country road when a car turned left in front of me. I forced my motorcycle to the ground in hopes of avoiding the car, but we collided, and my body hit the ground and then the other car. I tried to check on the other driver, but I could not get up...

It was then that I decided to focus on the things I could do, instead of what I could not do. I was alive and my family was supporting me. I could still talk with my friends and laugh and dream and try. My mission in life became recovering from these injuries and I gave the therapy and treatments 110%.
The weeks went by, and I started seeing improvement, and I became stronger. Soon, I was walking and then I started dreaming of running and maybe someday returning to the fire department. The muscles in my back, arms, and legs were becoming stronger, and within a few more months I could jog.
I was taken to the hospital and the surgeon told me that the bones in my back were broken. At that moment I realized that my career as a firefighter was probably over, but there was no time for emotion because I was taken directly to the operating room for surgery. I had plenty of time for thought while recovering in the hospital.
At first I was depressed, and then I became angry. I was angry because this accident was not my fault, and I am too young to be disabled. Being a firefighter is all I ever wanted to do. The people closest to me felt my anger and I could tell that they were uncomfortable with my behavior. I did not want anger to ruin my life.
I placed my trust in the professionals around me. My attorney with GB Law took care of the legal details concerning the accident and he dealt with the other driver’s insurance company. This allowed me to focus on what my doctors were telling me to do. I also placed trust in God and had faith that I would receive the strength I needed to reach a higher purpose in life.
Eventually, I was able to return to work light duty for the department, and I am proud to say that I returned to full duty this year with the fire department. I now look at each day as a gift and focus on all the things I can do, and I dream of things I will do.

Bill Carroll

My name is Don Bircher, and I live in Pickerington, Ohio. I was injured when a local pharmacy gave me the wrong medication. My doctor prescribed a medication to treat a non-life-threatening condition...

The pharmacist gave me the wrong medication with a similar sounding name. The medication caused very harmful symptoms which impacted my family, my job, and my quality of life. My friend is a private investigator, and he suggested that I call attorney Mike Geiser. Mike filed a lawsuit against the pharmacy, and we eventually worked out a settlement that I was very satisfied with.
I would hire Mike again if I ever needed him. I always knew what was going on with my case. I communicated with Mike by email and by telephone, and we had meetings in-person. Mike worked hard for me and I trust that he will continue doing the same for his clients in the future.

Don Bircher

I am Elizabeth Minturn from Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I was seriously injured due to a car accident. The insurance companies denied responsibility for the wreck. My fiancé and I were referred to Mike Geiser’s law firm after the accident, and we hired Mike...

The accident caused significant dental injuries, and I had several surgeries. Mike filed a lawsuit, and the case proceeded to trial in front of an arbitration panel. The trial resulted in a verdict in my favor in the amount of $450,000.
I felt like I was well represented by Mike during the trial. Even before the trial, I felt very confident about the way Mike was handling the case. I always knew what was going on and spoke with Mike frequently, and he also sent me a lot of letters keeping me informed.
Mike talked to me like a friend and treated me like a partner. We discussed strategy together, and I really knew what was going to happen and why. I was very happy with the way the case worked out. I would refer a friend to Mike and Andy Cecil, his partner.

Elizabeth Minturn

When the tragic accident happened causing the death of my son Asa, I did not hesitate in calling GB Law for representation.
A year prior to the accident, I needed advice dealing with a situation and had called many lawyers. It was GB Law that gave me honest advice...

That was very important to me. I did not have to search through the Yellow Pages for a lawyer. I knew who I wanted to represent me when Asa’s accident occurred. Someone who would be honest and upfront with me regarding my case.
Throughout my case, I felt genuinely cared for. I wasn’t ever treated as a dollar sign or just another client. Anytime I needed to speak with my lawyer, he was there for me. I knew that what I wanted did matter to them, and they took that into consideration while working on my case.
I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me. Despite all the jokes you hear about lawyers, there are some good ones out there, but GB Law has the best.

Jessica Cruz

We are John and Sandy Doutt. We found ourselves in need of an attorney after a serious accident on our motorcycle. While we both sustained injuries, my wife’s were far more serious, including a traumatic brain injury. A month after the accident, we still had not heard from the responsible party’s insurance provider...

The motorcycle was totaled, and we were using our major medical provider for assistance on the medical bills.
We finally realized it was time to seek legal assistance. Another attorney referred us to Mr. Michael Geiser because he was better at dealing with motorcycle accidents. We called his office and got an appointment with Mr. Geiser. It turned out to be the wisest decision we could have made.
Mr. Geiser was professional and kind from our first meeting. He recognized my wife’s apprehension and spent a great deal of time calming and assuring us that everything would be OK. We never felt rushed or foolish in any of our conversations with Mr. Geiser or any of his staff. No question ever went unanswered or was felt to be unimportant.
All of our phone calls were taken at the time of our call or returned in a timely manner. Mr. Geiser was able to reach a very satisfactory resolution for us; one we could have never received without his help.
We were very impressed by his professionalism and his preparedness. We felt like we made a new friend during this process and highly recommend Michael Geiser to our family and friends.

John and Sandy Doutt

On June 13, 2007, I was driving to work when another car turned in front of me, causing a wreck.
I broke my leg and was taken to Grant Hospital, where Dr. Bruce French surgically repaired my leg. I was off work for about a year...

Mike Geiser was my lawyer. Mike was always there when I needed him. We met together at my house and we frequently spoke together on the phone.
Mike sued the company that caused the wreck, and we did not have to go to trial because the other side settled with us. I did not have to pay Mike any fees or expenses until my case was settled.
I would be happy to talk to you about my case if you have any questions. I would definitely hire Mike and his firm.
On June 5, 2009, I received a settlement of $500,000.

Tim Carter

My name is Ta McGuire, and I hired attorney Mike Geiser to represent me when the car I was in was hit by a truck in Gallipolis, Ohio...

Glass shattered when the truck hit the car and a piece of glass entered my ear puncturing my ear drum. Dr. Abraham Jacob performed surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The wreck caused great difficulty in my life due to the injuries and medical treatment.
Mike was my attorney, and he dealt with the trucking company and the insurance companies Mike handled everything, and I was very glad that I hired him. He was very easy to talk to, and he kept me very informed about my case. We did not have to go to trial because we reached a settlement of $172,500. I trust Mike as a person and as a lawyer.

Ta McGuire