We have successfully represented plaintiffs in civil matters for more than three decades.

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Gregory Tackett

I have had great response with Deb Bohr And Michael Geiser they are both very professional and keep you up to date with what happening in your case. I would highly recommend Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty if you ever need help with insurance claims.

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Linda Harris

JANUARY 6, 2015 Several times I have had the opportunity to be represented by Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty, the latest being recently. Andy, professional that he is, was able to bring the case to a quick and positive conclusion. I rely on and respect his decisions...

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“I was in a car accident that caused injuries/medical bills totaling $25k. I also missed several weeks of work with only partial short term disability pay available. I was told my recovery would be months if not years. I hired Andy Cecil after weeks of being...

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Teresa Berry

I have had an amazing experience with Mike Geiser. This firm is not one of those ambulance chasing firms. I sought them out. From start to finish they have been very professional and the whole process has been very easy. They stay in contact and make you feel very...

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Jennifer Russell

In July of 2013 I was in a serious pedestrian accident while walking on the sidewalk. A motorcyclist was hit by a car and came up on the sidewalk and drove right into me. For several weeks I was hospitalized & in a rehab center and unable to care for my daughter....

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Alexis Rood

Words can’t describe how much Mike Geiser gave me peace of mind and the confidence to move on in a law firm that I had, when I was in a bad accident in 2012. Not only was Mike very kind, but also very informative and organized throughout the whole process. I...

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Mike Myers

There are no words to express the peace of mind that the firm returned to us. After our daughter was involved in a very serious automobile accident as a passenger, Mike Geiser and his team gave back our daughter and us piece of mind in knowing her future ambitions and...

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Patty Bishop

I met with several personal injury firms after my car accident in February, 2010. I immediately felt very comfortable with Matt Ice, an attorney at Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty. He paid close attention to the details of my situation and asked relevant questions....

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Michelle Olivo

Overall unbelievable experience. I had never been in any sort of situation where I needed a lawyer, but I have to say that if ever I were to be in a time of need again, I would go back to Michael Geiser and Deb in a heartbeat. Mike and Deb were both above and beyond...

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Josh Beltz

I woke up on the pavement and was flown down to Columbus had to have a rod put in my leg and 50 staples in my chest and luckily Mr Geiser was there meeting with another patient in the hospital. My wife and i hired him to assist us in getting my medical bills payed and...

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Susan Cassidy

In May of 2010 I was in an accident, while riding my bike a dog ran out into the road and caused me to have a serious fall.  I have no memory of the accident.  Luckily I was with friends that took care of me while I was unconscious and waiting for the ambulance....

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Dianna Martin

In August 2010, a semi-truck went left of center and hit my car head on. I was med-flighted to the hospital. My husband researched numerous legal firms before deciding on Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty. Michael Geiser came to the hospital to speak with my husband and...

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*Testimonials on behalf of GBMLaw are by current or former clients.  The views expressed by our clients should not be considered as a guarantee that all cases will have a successful outcome.