Case Results

Over $3 Million Recovered for Client

GB Law recovered over $3 million on behalf of a client in Central Ohio who suffered a catastrophic injury. The defense denied fault for the accident and GB Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. GB Law’s experienced team fought diligently to settle this case for over $3 million.

$835,000 Settlement: Wright v. Johnson, Franklin County, Case No: 20CV-02966

Case settled for $835,000. Mr. Wright was operating a motorcycle when another motorist failed to yield at a stop sign, causing a motor vehicle collision. Mr. Wright sustained fractures to his tibia and fibula. The case was settled during a mediation in Franklin County.

$1,250,000 Settlement: Carter v. Huggins, Franklin County Case No: 22 CV 5489

Case settled for $1,250,000. Mr. Carter was operating a motorcycle when another motorist failed to yield at a traffic light, causing a motor vehicle collision. The Plaintiff sustained injuries to both wrists and a fractured leg.

$500,000 Settlement: Donegan v. Encova

Case settled for $500,000. The motor vehicle collision happened near Cincinnati, Ohio and the Plaintiff sustained a concussion and facial injuries.

$300,000 Settlement: Cason v. Mack Trucks of Charlotte, Case No: 23CV002558

The plaintiff received a $300,000 settlement resulting from a vehicle accident in Columbus, Ohio. The plaintiff sustained injuries including a fractured sternum, fractured wrist, back, and face.

$250,000 Settlement: Bottichio v. Lam

The Plaintiff received a $250,000 settlement for injuries to his lower back that he sustained due to a motor vehicle accident in Columbus, Ohio. The Plaintiff had surgery on his lower back approximately six years before the vehicle accident.

$250,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident

The Plaintiff, Mr. Blackburn, received a $250,000 settlement due to a motorcycle accident. Mr. Blackburn was driving his motorcycle southbound on S. High Street when the defendant failed to yield at a stop sign. The accident resulted in a fractured leg.

$250,000 Settlement: Karr v. Danielson, Case No: 20CV00150

The Plaintiff received a $250,000.00 settlement for injuries sustained in a truck accident that happened on Interstate 71, in Madison County. The Plaintiff was performing his duties for a construction company when a truck drove off the road and struck the Plaintiff and a co-worker. The Plaintiff sustained a broken elbow, and fortunately, he did not require surgery.

Motorcyclist Injured in Collision Receives $1.25 Million Settlement

A motorist turned left in front of a motorcyclist, causing a horrific collision. The motorcyclist required medical treatment for 18 months due to the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The insurance company blamed him for causing the wreck even though the defendant motorist was at-fault. GB Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of the motorcyclist in Franklin County. As a result, the firm’s motorcycle accident lawyers in Columbus were able to obtain a $1.25 million settlement for him.

Fairfield County Man Receives Policy Limits Settlement

A man driving a work truck entered an intersection when an oncoming distracted driver on his cell phone failed to yield and turned left into the side of his vehicle. Momentum then carried the truck into a nearby utility pole, striking it head-on. The wreck caused a torn ligament in his left shoulder and a concussion. GB Law worked quickly with the insurance company to secure the maximum insurance settlement available and worked with his employer’s third-party workers’ compensation carrier to minimize his reimbursement obligations thereby maximizing the recovery to the client in the amount of $100,000.

Settlement Offer Quadrupled by Hiring GB Law

A Hancock County man received a half-million-dollar settlement for a severe dog bite attack that left a permanent scar. Prior to retaining GB Law, the victim’s parents had been offered a maximum settlement of $125,000. GB Law filed a lawsuit to protect the victim’s statute of limitations and worked with experts across the country to demonstrate the true value of the losses sustained by the victim.

Partial Settlement Obtained for Survivor of Fatal Morgan County Crash

A partial settlement agreement of $180,000 was reached for a survivor of a devastating crash that left two others dead. GB Law worked with law enforcement and other industry experts to establish the liability of one of the drivers.

Child Receives $75,000 Settlement for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress in Marion County Crash

After a devastating Marion County crash, GB Law obtained a $75,000 settlement for a young child. The child received minor physical injuries and met the criteria to present a negligent infliction of emotional distress claim (NEID). To meet the definition of this particular kind of claim, the victim must have been in direct contact with, or in the zone of danger of another’s negligent conduct, and sustain severe emotional distress related to the event.

Motorcyclist Struck in Roundabout Receives $85,000 Settlement

A Delaware County motorcyclist, on his way home from a motorcycle safety course, was struck by an inattentive driver while in a roundabout. Fortunately, the victim was wearing all necessary safety equipment, which kept his injuries to a minimum and helped maximize his settlement. GB Law facilitated the resolution of this case for this very deserving client.

Delaware County Pedestrian receives $150,000 for Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation

A man crossing with the “WALK” signal in a downtown Delaware County crosswalk and was struck by an inattentive motorist turning left. The victim, who was struck and thrown to the ground several feet away, sustained an acromioclavicular joint dislocation. After reading GB Law’s Google reviews, he decided to hire GB Law to represent his case. After she used a simple visual explanation of the injury, the settlement offer nearly doubled at mediation, ultimately resolving the case. 

Scott Bowman Gets Client $75,000 in Difficult 2-Year-Long Case

A client was rear-ended at a high rate of speed. However, the damage to both vehicles appeared to be minor, and the client had prior issues with both his left knee and low back which were injured in the collision. Therefore, the at-fault driver’s insurance company denied the claim and offered a very low settlement. The client hired Scott Bowman at GB Law, who filed a lawsuit and fought for the client for approximately two years. Mr. Bowman was able to retain a competent orthopedic expert to serve as a medical expert, review all of the medical records, evaluate the client, and author a report. This helped move the needle and ultimately settle this very difficult case for $75,000.

Dialysis Patient Accidentally Injured by Transportation Driver Gets $200,000 in Settlement

An elderly gentleman who had a transportation service pick him up and take him to dialysis appointments. One day, while lifting the client on a handicapped ramp into the van, something happened, causing the client to fall backwards into the van and hit his head. At the time, there was no apparent injury, and the transportation driver claimed it was the client who didn’t listen to instructions and caused himself to fall.

Approximately two months later, a brain bleed was discovered. Attorney Scott Bowman worked with the neurosurgeon who diagnosed the brain bleed and performed surgery to fix the brain bleed to author a report explaining why it was the fall from two months prior that caused the brain bleed and required surgery. Even though the ambulette service company disputed that the fall was its or its employee’s fault, Attorney Bowman was able to procure a $200,000 settlement.

GB Law Procures $437,500 Settlement for Client Injured in Local Swimming Pool 

The client, a minor, was at a local swimming pool with his friend. The client and his friend began playing a game wherein the client’s friend, while in the pool, would throw a basketball to the client while he jumped into the pool. This was a game that the client and friends had played on numerous occasions before without incident or being reprimanded.

At the edge of the pool was a large grate. On the date in question, the client’s large toe got caught in the grate as he attempted to catch the basketball and jump in the pool. The client suffered such a severe toe fracture and laceration that his toe had to be amputated. The owner/operator of the pool and the pool management company argued that the client was at fault for jumping off the grate and were not on notice that the grate was not safe for barefoot use.

Attorney Scott Bowman, with the aid of an Aquatics Safety Expert, was able to prove that the grate was NOT safe for barefoot traffic, that a pool patron would have no knowledge of the dangerous nature of the grate, and that the grate violated public health and safety regulations and never should have been present.

After litigating the matter for well over a year, Attorney Bowman and GB Law were able to procure a $437,500 settlement for this young man which will help him in his future endeavors including a great toe prosthetic and emotional counseling.

Attorney Matthew E. Ice Secures $95,000 Settlement for Client

Our client was driving her car when her vehicle was struck in the rear by a vehicle that failed to stop. As a result, she suffered injuries, including a concussion and post-traumatic headaches, along with a neck strain and shoulder sprain. The client did have surgery. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $95,000.

Client Injured in Out-of-Control Car Accident Gets $100,000 Settlement

Our client was driving her car when her vehicle was struck by an out-of-control vehicle. As a result, she suffered injuries to her neck and back. Her treatment included surgery, an injection, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $100,000.

Client Who Fell Because of a Crumbling Step Obtains Settlement of $140,000

Our client fell because of a step crumbling beneath him. As a result of the fall, he suffered a broken ankle and an ankle sprain, requiring two surgeries. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $140,000.

Client Struck by Vehicle that Failed to Yield at Stop Sign Receives $100,000 Settlement

The vehicle our client was driving was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield at a stop sign. As a result, she suffered injuries, including, fractures to her sternum, wrist, and foot. The injury to her wrist required surgeries. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $100,000.

Car Accident Client with Leg, Hip, Foot, and Spine Injuries Gets $300,000 in Settlement

Our client was injured when his vehicle was struck by a vehicle that went left of center. As a result, he suffered injuries including fractures to his legs, hip, foot, and spine. His injuries required surgeries and months of physical therapy. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $300,000.

Client Who Fell Down Unsafe Stairs Secures Settlement of $75,000

Our client fell while walking down stairs. The stairs did not have a handrail. As a result, he suffered a fracture to his back. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $75,000 after the suit was filed.

Franklin County Man Receives Over $500,000 in 2022

A man driving his vehicle in Cincinnati received a settlement in 2022 exceeding $500,000 for injuries he sustained due to a motor vehicle collision. The cause of the collision was initially disputed by the automobile insurance company and the police struggled to determine which party was at fault. Ultimately, the auto insurance company agreed to pay a personal injury settlement exceeding $500,000 in favor of GB Law’s client.

9-Year-Old Receives $400,000 as Compensation for Injuries Sustained In 2019

A nine-year-old boy received a settlement of $400,000 for injuries to his collar bone, right shoulder, and wrist. His father hired GB Law to represent his son for the motor vehicle collision that occurred in Muskingum County, Ohio. His lawyer at GB Law acted quickly to investigate the cause of the accident and hired the necessary experts to make sure that our client received the compensation that he deserved. Fortunately, our client made a full recovery, and it is not expected that he will require future medical treatment.

Lawsuit Results In $180,000 Settlement for Tennessee Truck Driver In 2021

A truck driver from Tennessee was working in an Ohio warehouse parking lot when he was struck by a motorist who was driving in the lot on her way to work. The truck driver called GB Law from the hospital soon after the accident and GB Law immediately investigated how the collision occurred. GB Law’s lawyer drove the truck driver back to the warehouse to take photographs of the scene and speak with potential witnesses. The truck driver sustained a torn rotator cuff and required surgery. The auto insurance company denied fault and GB Law filed suit for the truck driver. The case was settled before trial after many months of litigation.

North Carolina Boy Receives $550,000 Settlement in 2021

A seven-year-old boy residing in North Carolina received a $550,000 settlement for injuries he sustained due to a car accident in Ohio. His family hired a lawyer with GB Law to protect his rights, and the firm acted quickly to determine the cause of the motor vehicle. The case was complicated by the number of potential parties and multiple experts due to the complicated issues involved. Fortunately, our client received a settlement and his family expressed gratitude to the GB Law team who worked closely with the family to arrive at a successful settlement in 2021 without an expensive and lengthy trial.

London, Ohio, Resident Receives $235,000 Settlement in 2021

In 2019, a resident of London, Ohio, was attending a work-related seminar in Columbus, Ohio, when he sustained a shoulder injury requiring surgery. During the seminar, a pole fell, causing our client to sustain and injury to his shoulder. The pole was found to be negligently fastened and the defendant’s employee then moved the pole, causing it to fall. Our client hired GB Law, who investigated the cause of the injuries. A settlement was reached in 2021 without a lengthy and expensive lawsuit.

Truck Causes Fractures Leading to $1.4 Million Settlement

A resident of Columbus was on his way to work on a rural highway when a large truck drove from a stop sign causing a fiery collision. Our client was able to pull himself free of his vehicle despite suffering extensive fractures to his ankle and heal. The defense fiercely contested that they cause the accident and a lawsuit was filed. After months of litigation, the parties agreed to a settlement. The team at GB Law was proud to litigate this case on behalf of our client. 

$1.1 Million Settlement for Man Crushed Between Tractor and Trailer

A hard-working man was performing his job duties checking the oil and other fluids on a refrigerated trailer in a tow yard when a trucker, without warning, backed his tractor up to couple with the trailer; nearly crushing the man to death between the trailer and tractor. Through the hard work of some of central Ohio’s finest doctors, this individual was able to get back on his feet but unable to perform his job duties ever again.

Attorneys J. Scott Bowman and Brian Gibbs hired experts to show their client’s inability to perform his job duties, to show his past and future loss income, and loss of ability to perform day to day activities. All of this lead up to a settlement conference that resulted in a $1.1 million settlement helping the client care for himself well into his future.

$1 Million Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim

After a long battle with a large local corporation, GB Law secured a $900,000 settlement with the employer of the negligent driver who pulled out in front of a motorcyclist. This money, combined with the driver’s $100,000 insurance policy limit, finalized the $1 million dollar resolution for our client.

Attorney Michael Geiser successfully litigated a complicated case in Delaware County, Ohio, against the employer of the negligent driver arguing that the employer was liable for the acts of their employee under agency principles of law. The $1 million dollar settlement provided substantial compensation for the injured victim who sustained spinal cord injuries in the motorcycle crash.

Two Broken Wrists and a Broken Ankle – $900,000 Settlement

An elderly woman was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver of the vehicle, failing to pay attention, rear-ended a vehicle at a high rate of speed. As the woman threw her arms out to protect herself, the airbag deployed with such force that she fractured both of her wrists. The force of the impact was so great that she also fractured her ankle. After three surgeries, one to repair each fracture, the elderly woman was finally in a position to try and resolve her case with the insurance company. Unfortunately, she, like many others, found that insurance companies are not in the business of being fair to the victims of negligence and need a “talking to” from a good lawyer. With the statute of limitations fast approaching, the elderly woman contacted GB Law who quickly worked on her case, lined up the necessary evidence, and, showing the insurance company that they were ready to sue, were able to obtain a $900,000 settlement.

$815,000 Settlement for Car Crash Victim

Attorney Matthew E. Ice with GB Law obtained an $815,000 settlement for a client who was an injured passenger in a car crash. When another motorist failed to yield the right of way, our client suffered serious injury to his spine, requiring several surgeries and months of therapy.

Madison County Crash Results in $750,000 Settlement

A nurse in Madison County was driving southbound on State Route 56, when a motorist driving a large truck drove left of center and directly into her car. The resulting collision caused our client to sustain numerous fractures to her leg and ankle. The family called Mike Geiser. GB Law was honored to represent our client and help her recover the compensation that she deserved. 

Truck accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, Results in $750,000 Settlement

Residents from Columbus, Ohio, were traveling through Cincinnati, Ohio, on Route 71 southbound when a tractor-trailer traveling next to them overturned and landed on their car. The truck driver claimed that he did not know there was a bend in the road at the location where the tractor-trailer overturned. Mike Geiser represented the family during the case and the litigation took place in Canada, Columbus and Cincinnati. The truck driver had been through Cincinnati many times before and that many signs were posted on I 71 warning truck drivers to reduce their speed. The case resolved for $750,000.

Client Turned Down By Other Lawyers Receives $660,000

After being turned down by other law firms, a woman whose foot was crushed by a forklift came to GB Law where we were able to secure a $660,000 settlement from a large Midwestern retailer who employed the forklift driver that injured her.

Separate and apart from her workers compensation case, GB Law successfully held the employer of a forklift driver accountable for the injuries their employee inflicted upon our client who was working for a different company inside the same warehouse at the time of her injury. After extensively litigating the case and battling for the drug test results of the offending driver, GB Law negotiated a settlement that compensated our client for the pain she had incurred as a result of the injury and protected her future with a permanent injury.

School Bus Accident in Columbus, Ohio, Results in a Settlement of $650,000

A six-year old student in Columbus Ohio was struck by a school bus while crossing the street to reach his school. Liability was disputed and the case was later resolved through mediation. Mike Geiser worked with the family and hired experts and gather the evidence necessary to establish fault. We are very sensitive in cases involving injuries to children we were honored to help our client through his very difficult time. 

Distracted Driving Leads to A Settlement of $500,000

A custodian in Columbus, Ohio, was on his way to work when a motorist turned left in front of his vehicle causing a two-car motor vehicle collision. Our client sustained fractures to his right ankle which required surgery and he was off work for several months due to his injuries. The parties agreed to explore settlement during a mediation which resulted in a settlement. The team at GB Law worked with our client’s doctors and his accountant to prove the value of his case. We were very happy to help him reach a settlement.

Morgan County Motor Vehicle Collision Results in $450,000 Settlement

A resident of Morgan County was traveling east on Route 60, when a commercial truck turned left in front of her vehicle. The collision caused injuries including a fractured sternum and a fracture to her right leg. Although the injuries were treated without surgery, our client as hospitalized for several day and then required rehabilitation for months. The team at GB Law worked together to prove her case and recover a settlement for her medical bills and pain and suffering. 

Motorcyclist In Knox County Receives $400,000

A 20 year-old motorcyclist was on his way to work when tragedy struck. He was driving his motorcycle to pick up his lunch when another motorist driving the opposite direction turned left in front of him. Our client sustained fractures to his ankle which required surgery. He and his wife faced uncertainty due to the medical bills and lost wages. Mike Geiser and the entire team at GB Law are proud to represent our clients and help them through this very difficult time in their lives. 

Multiple Car Crash, Multiple Injuries – $300,000 Settlement

A man was minding his own business, driving down a local road when, out of nowhere, a car crashed into him, head on. The car went left of center because another motorist had run a stop sign, causing the car to collide with the car that ran the stop sign, propelling it into the victim. Another car was also involved in the mess. Fortunately, the man who was struck head-on contacted GB Law who was able to get him a $300,000 settlement for the multiple injuries caused by this multi-car crash.

$230,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk

An elderly woman was walking home from the store, crossing the street in a crosswalk with a walk signal. The driver of a commercial vehicle wasn’t paying attention and made a turn onto the street. The driver struck our client causing a hip fracture which required surgery. Brian Gibbs helped our client reach a settlement for her damages and coordinated a plan for her future needs and preservation of her medical benefits.

Guernsey County Pedestrian Receives $120,000

A woman crossing the street in Cambridge, Ohio, using a marked crosswalk, was struck by a vehicle and knocked to the ground. As a result, she sustained a non-displaced wrist fracture and a concussion requiring conservative medical care costing $20,000. GB Law worked diligently to prove the value of the case to the insurance company, ultimately convincing them to pay an amount much higher than the typical settlement for that jurisdiction.

Client with Extensive Dental Injuries Awarded $400,000 in Case

A Columbus, Ohio, woman was driving home from a restaurant with her husband, when a distracted driver turned left in front of their car. Our client sustained extensive dental injuries requiring surgery and months of dental restoration. The oral surgeons and dentists were amazing throughout the litigation and provide our attorney, Mike Geiser, detail reports which were used during a binding arbitration which resulted in an award of $400,000. 

Ross County Student Receives $400,000 For Torn Ligament Caused By A Distracted Driver

A high school student in Ross County was a passenger in a car driven by her classmate. The driver lost control of her car resulting in a one-car accident. The wreck caused a torn ligament in her right hip which required surgery. During a mediation in Chillicothe, the parties reached a settlement. Mike Geiser and his team at GB Law were proud to represent our client and help her parents recover money to pay the medical bills and compensate her for her pain and suffering.

Lucas County Truck Accident Leads to $200,000 Settlement

A resident of Upper Arlington was driving home on Interstate 75 after an event in Toledo. The traffic on I-75 came to a stop due to road construction. A tow truck traveling 65 miles per hour smashed into the rear end of our client’s car because the driver was distracted. The collision caused an injury to our client’s knee which was surgically repaired. Mike Geiser and the team at GB Law were honored to help our client reach a settlement for his damages. 

Fairfield County Resident Receives $250,000 

A Lancaster woman was traveling westbound on County Road 17 in Fairfield County, Ohio, when another motorist failed to stop for a stop sign. The cars collided in the intersection and our client sustained fractures to her left arm and leg. The case was settled in Fairfield County. The lawyers and staff at GB Law are proud to serve the citizens of Ohio in Fairfield County and throughout the state. 

Clark County Crash Results In $300,000 Settlement

A Greene County couple suffered significant injuries when a driver made an illegal u-turn in the middle of a two lane road, causing a serious collision. GB Law worked over the course of several years to obtain various settlements with the liability insurance company and under-insured motorist insurance company.

Union County Drunk Driver Pays $240,000

A Union County woman on her way home from a night of drinking went left of center and struck a young father on his way to work in the early morning hours. In addition to the one year jail sentence she faced for her criminal charges, her insurance company paid $240,000 to settle the injury claims of our client. This settlement paid for the medical bills and lost earnings as the injured victim missed several months from work.

Tow Truck Accident In Pike County Results in $350,000 Settlement

A Pike County man was seriously injured when a disabled vehicle rolled backward off a tow truck. After surgery and a lengthy recovery, Attorney Matthew Ice with GB Law obtained a settlement of $350,000 for the client.

$317,000 Settlement for Roll Over Crash

As the result of a serious roll over crash, our client sustained numerous fractures to his arm, back, and ribs. Due to the severity of the arm fracture, surgery was required. Attorney Matthew E. Ice with GB Law obtained a settlement of $317,000 for his client.

Fractured Leg Causes Ongoing Problems – $285,000 Settlement

A central Ohio woman was injured when another motorist ran a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgery to implant a steel rod. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems resulting from the accident. Attorney J. Scott Bowman produced testimonials from her treating doctors confirming her ongoing problems which lead to a $285,000 settlement.

Verdict Forces Insurance Company to Take Responsibility and Pay $100,000

An avid amateur hockey player’s life was turned upside when she was struck by a motorist who ran a stop sign. With the insurance company disputing even the most basic medical care necessary to repair her injured neck, attorneys Mike Geiser and J. Scott Bowman forced the insurance company to take responsibility and took the case to trial. After five days of teamwork between the client and the attorneys at GB Law, a verdict of $100,000 was rendered and justice finally obtained for the client.

Fractured Thigh Bone Causes Ongoing Problems – $285,000 Settlement

Minding her own business once nice, fall, afternoon, a woman was crushed by a vehicle that blew a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgical procedure involving the implant of a steel rod. After a lengthy recovery, she found that she continued to limp which then caused additional problems with her hips and low back. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems as related to the car crash. Attorney J. Scott Bowman was able to procure testimonials from her treating doctors to confirm the ongoing problems which lead to a $285,000 settlement.

Serious Head Collision Resolved In Mediation Settled for $487,500

Following a serious head on collision that left a driver with facial fractures, an ankle fracture and a closed head injury, GB Law was hired to represent a young man in a fight against an insurance company that said the crash was his fault.

Through key witness testimony and an accident reconstruction, the insurance company was convinced in mediation that they should settle and paid $487,500.

Severe Concussion Claim Resolved for $275,000

Attorney Brian Gibbs successfully resolved the case of a young man who was involved in a rear-end accident on US 23. Our client was stopped in morning traffic on his way to work when he was hit. The commercial driver behind him, who was traveling at a high rate of speed, didn’t see the stopped traffic. Our client had multiple injuries, but most notably a concussion with lasting post-concussive impairments. Brian worked with our client’s medical providers to present clear present and future impairment evidence to establish the case.

Landlord Held Responsible for Carbon Monoxide Death of Tenant Pays $765,000 Settlement

A disabled man living in a rental property was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. He ultimately succumbed to his injuries six months later. His family retained GB Law to get answers.

GB Law hired a heating and plumbing specialist to inspect the rental property within days of the carbon monoxide leak. The inspection showed that despite hazard warnings, the furnace had been turned back on by maintenance staff. A dislodged vent filled the rental property with high levels of carbon monoxide. At times feeling like David versus Goliath, GB Law litigated countless motions filed by the nine (9) lawyers representing the opposing parties. The defendants knew GB would take the case to trial and ultimately agreed to settle for a combined settlement of $765,000 just before the trial date.

GB Law Obtains Highest Recorded Verdict Loss of Consortium Claim In Pickaway County — $150,000 Settlement

The spouse of a man traumatically brain injured in an auto collision received $150,000 from a Pickaway County jury.

Some cases involve more than just the physical injuries. Families are also affected as they deal with the aftermath of a collision. One such family hired GB Law to represent them after their lives were upended following a crash in Pickaway County. With bills going to collections and the loss of their breadwinner, the spouse of an injured victim was forced to provide care for her husband and family by day and work nights to make ends meet. At trial, GB Law attorneys successfully argued to a jury that the spouse should be compensated for her losses resulting from the crash in addition to those sustained by her husband. The jury agreed and awarded her the highest amount recorded for such an award in the county.

Relentless Investigation Locates Key Witness In Disputed Liability Crash — $225,000 Settlement

A driver who refused to accept responsibility for causing a crash at a major intersection in the Polaris area of Columbus, Ohio, was forced to settle with the Plaintiff, represented by GB Law, after her attorneys located a witness to the collision months afterwards.

Relying on their decades of experience handling auto accident cases, GB Law attorneys were able to locate a witness to a crash many months after it occurred. This witness, now living out of state, agreed to testify about what she saw. As a result, this disputed liability case resolved at mediation with a $225,000 settlement for GB Law’s client who had sustained a severe fracture to her ankle in the collision.

Truck Accident Results In Significant Shoulder Injury – $285,000 Settlement

While returning to work after his lunch break, GB Law’s client was hit head-on by a truck. Although surgery was performed to repair the damage, our client’s recovery time and future limitations put his career in jeopardy.

Attorney Brian Gibbs successfully worked with medical providers and economists to document our client’s future economic damages and was able to settle the case for $285,000.

Muskingum County Pedestrian Receives Policy Limits Settlement

A woman crossing the street in Zanesville, Ohio, received serious injuries after being struck and drug by a vehicle. Her family contacted GB Law who met them late on Friday evening to discuss the options for their loved one. After an investigation revealed the motorist was at fault, GB Law worked quickly with the insurance company to secure the maximum insurance settlement available and worked with the health insurers to minimize her reimbursement obligations while securing coverage for her future medical treatment.

Athens, Ohio, Retiree Receives Multiple Policy Limits Settlements

A recently retired Athens, Ohio, grandmother was injured in a serious crash on US 50 while on her way to watch her grandson’s football game. After battling three of the major insurance companies in the area, GB Law was able to secure the maximum policy limits available under all 3 policies for our client.

Confidential Settlement Reached with Major Vehicle Manufacturer

GB Law advocated on behalf of the estate of an Ohio man severely injured when his vehicle failed to protect him during a crash. GB Law attorneys worked with the man’s loving widow and family to protect their futures.

Family of Child Bicyclist Killed in Crash Receives Compensation

GB Law represented a Central Ohio family devastated after their young son was killed while riding his bicycle. Despite overwhelming evidence and numerous challenges, the young boy’s family received a policy limits settlement from the insurance company. Additionally, the decedent’s sister, who witnessed her brother’s tragic death, also received a settlement for her individual claim of negligent infliction of emotional distress. 

Mother and Daughter Injured in Winter Car Crash Get Settlement of Over $270,000

A Columbus area mother was injured in a crash while driving her daughter to dance class. The family retained GB Law to assist them with the difficult process of managing an accident claim while recovering and caring for a family. GB Law was able to hold the commercial driver liable for driving too fast in poor weather condition, obtaining a settlement of over $270,000 for the family.

Motorcyclist Injured by Negligent Teen in Washington County; GB Law Recovers Nearly $500,000 from Insurance Company

A motorcyclist out for a Sunday ride in Washington County was seriously injured when a teenage driver failed to secure a load on a trailer, causing it to fall off directly into the path of the motorcycle. GB Law recovered just shy of half a million dollars from the insurance company.

Union County Woman Gets $250,000 Settlement Following Crash on State Route 161

A Union County woman retained GB Law to assist her following crash on State Route 161. The at-fault driver from Columbus failed to yield to oncoming traffic while turning left. Within six months, a $250,000 settlement was obtained, providing full compensation for the claimant. Her car was paid off, her medical bills were paid and she was able to relax, knowing she had enough money to assist her as she got back on her feet.

Subcontractor Wins Over $660,000 from Negligence on Work Site 

Client was a subcontractor performing his work on a job site. A different subcontractor was negligent and caused a metal piece to fall, slicing into our client’s arm. The resulting injuries and permanent damages had a lasting impact on his ability to perform his trade. We resolved the case for over $660,000 in litigation.

Rear-Ended Semi Driver Case Resolved for $500,000

Client was a semi driver on a highway late at night. He was rear-ended by another semi forcing him off road. He sustained a neck injury requiring surgery. The injury further restricted him from returning to the road and pursuing his livelihood. We resolved the case for $500,000 in litigation.

Client Who Sustained Neck Injury in Car Accident has Case Resolved for $335,000

Client was rear-ended at significant speed, pushing him into the car in front. He sustained a neck injury requiring surgery. We resolved the case for $335,000.

Pedestrian Hit by Commercial Vehicle Wins $230,000 Pre-Suit

Client was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a commercial vehicle carelessly turned and struck her. She sustained fractures and bruising on much of her body. We resolved the case for $230,000 pre-suit.

GB Law Convinces 2 Insurance Companies to Pay Settlement of $900,000 to Client

Client was a passenger in a vehicle driving by her husband who rear-ended another vehicle at a high rate of speed. Client suffered multiple orthopedic injuries including two broken arms which required surgeries and a left ankle fracture that required surgery. Often times, insurance companies will not cover such a case due to what is called an “intra-family exclusion” meaning the insurance company does not cover injuries caused by a family member to another family member. However, with some research and advocacy for our client, GB Law and Attorney Scott Bowman was able to convince not one but two of our client’s insurance companies to cover the loss and ultimately pay a settlement of $900,000.

Home Nurse Gets $170,000 Settlement After Fracturing Knee Cap on Unsafe Stairs

Client worked in a building at a home healthcare office as a home health care nurse/administrator. The stairs that she would have to go up and down every workday were not uniform and in disrepair. One day, due to the unevenness of the stairs, she stumbled and fell down the stairs, fracturing her right knee cap severely. So severely, that she required not one, not two but three knee surgeries. Using the extensive resources available to GB Law, Attorney Scott Bowman was able to find and retain an architectural expert who surveyed the stairs and found them to be not be up to building codes. With the help of this expert, GB Law was able to procure a $170,000 settlement for this client.

Trucking Company Pays $200,000 to GB Client who Suffered Concussion

Client was involved in a car wreck with a semi-tractor trailer. Although the client did not have any objective injuries such as fractures, etc., she was initially diagnosed with a concussion. After this diagnosis, the client noticed ongoing headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness, etc.; classic signs of what is known as “post-concussion syndrome” or PCS. Attorney Scott Bowman was able to work with various medical experts at his disposal to work this diagnosis up and convince the trucking company that, although the client’s injuries may not be “visible” and the medical care and medical bills relatively low, the injury was real and life changing. GB Law was ultimately able to convince the trucking company to pay $200,000.

Client Diagnosed with Neck Disc Herniation After Car Wreck Gets Settlement of $250,000

Client, a nurse, was involved in a car wreck and suffered what initially appeared to be “whiplash.” However, when the client’s neck pain would not go away and she started experiencing numbness and tingling down her arm, she saw a specialist who diagnosed her with a neck disc herniation. Surgery was recommended and took place. The at fault driver’s insurance company refused to accept that the disc herniation was from the wreck. However, by working with the client’s surgeon and garnering necessary reports and opinions, GB Law and Attorney Scott Bowman were able to get the client a settlement of $250,000.

Bicycling Client Struck by Car Gets Hip Replacement Recovery Funds of $105,000

Our client was injured when she was riding a bicycle and a vehicle backed out of a driveway and struck her. As a result, the client suffered a fractured femur, which required surgery on her hip. Ultimately, the fracture required her hip to be replaced. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a recovery in the amount of $105,000.

Client Struck by Vehicle that Failed to Yield at Stop Sign Receives $100,000 Settlement

Our client was driving her car when her vehicle was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield at a stop sign. As a result, she suffered significant injuries including to her forearm, which was fractured and required two surgeries and physical therapy. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $100,000.

Motorcyclist Needing Physical Therapy Following Accident Gets $85,500

Our client was riding his motorcycle when a vehicle pulled from the berm of the road and into his path. As a result, he suffered a shoulder separation and an arm fracture, requiring months of physical therapy. Attorney Matthew E. Ice was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $85,500.

GB Law Allocates More Money for Twin Valley Hospital Volunteer Struck by Pick-up Truck — $250,000 Settlement

Our client was volunteering at Twin Valley Behavioral Hospital when she was struck by a pick-up truck in the hospital parking. Our client was walking to the hospital from the parking lot when she was struck by a distracted motorist causing our client sustain a fractured ankle. The injuries required surgery and weeks of physical therapy. The insurance company for the distracted driver paid the full limit of his automobile insurance policy. Our client’s insurance company then paid the full limit of Underinsured Motorist Coverage available to our client. Our client’s health plan paid most of her medical bills. The health plan agreed to a significant reduction on the plan’s right of reimbursement, which allowed us to allocate even more money to our client.

Insurance Company Pays $275,000 Settlement to Portsmouth, Ohio, Client with Life-Threatening Injuries from Car Accident

A resident of Portsmouth, Ohio, sustained life-threatening injuries when the car she occupied as a passenger veered off the roadway and struck a tree. Our client had to be evacuated from the scene by helicopter and transported to the hospital for life-saving surgery. The motorist became disoriented while driving the car which caused him to drive off the roadway. His insurance company paid the full limits of available automobile insurance to settle our client’s injury claims.

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