In the event that you are injured by an uninsured motorist, and you had Uninsured Motorist Coverage at the time of your car accident, then you are entitled by law to compensation for personal injuries including pain and suffering.   Compensation for pain and suffering is based on the nature and extent of the injuries, along with the impact on your hobbies, job and your activities of daily life.  Your insurance company may pay you some money for pain and suffering, but it is very difficult to receive what you deserve for your pain and suffering.  Why?  The claims adjuster is evaluated by his or her supervisor based on how little you are paid.  The adjuster receives a positive evaluation if you accept a small sum of money, and the claims adjuster may be criticized if you receive what is fair. It pays to consult with a lawyer because an attorney can advise you soon after the accident whether you will need a lawyer and the attorney will help you avoid common mistakes that injured people make while dealing with the insurance company.

According to the Ohio Department of Insurance, as many as 13.5% of the motorists on the road are not insured.  Based on those statistics, you and your family should have uninsured motorist coverage.   If you have been injured due to an uninsured motorist, don’t give up, get help.