What Should I Avoid Doing After a Car Accident?

What Should I Avoid Doing After a Car Accident?

Your actions after a car accident can harm your right to receive a fair settlement for your personal injury case. Car accidents are extremely stressful events, and many accident victims do not realize how important it is to take the proper actions following a crash to protect their rights to compensation. The following is a short list of actions you should NOT take following an accident:

You should not admit fault or partial fault

The law does not require you to admit being liable for a car accident. Aside from recovering money in your claim, admitting fault may invalidate your insurance policy. If you do admit fault, you cannot go back on an admission as this could be considered perjury. It is best to not say anything to other parties in the accident, or their insurance adjustors.

You should not provide a recorded statement to any insurance company, even your own

You need to report the accident to your insurance company. Your claims adjuster will likely ask you to make a recorded statement. You are not required to do this and generally should not. Even if your adjuster is friendly and seems sympathetic to your situation, they are trained to ask questions in such a way that you will downplay your injuries and ultimately reduce the amount of money you receive.

You should not post on social media about the accident or anything else until your claim is resolved

Insurance companies often check accident victims’ social media accounts for evidence that you are not injured, or your injuries are less than you claim. For example, even if you are in a lot of pain, you may go to a concert with friends. An insurance adjuster could find a picture of you at the concert looking happy and make a case that your personal injury claim is a fraud. Even if profiles are set to private, investigators have found ways to gain access to your profiles.

You should not accept a settlement offer without first talking to a lawyer

Insurance companies try to wrap up claims quickly because they know it is their best chance at getting you to accept money and not involve a lawyer. They know that if you hire a lawyer, your lawyer will fight for far more compensation than they initially offer.

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