Heroin and other opioids are responsible for over 23 Ohioans deaths every week. Nationally, overdoses from prescription opiates have quadrupled since 1999, with an estimated 165,000 dying. Not surprising, sales of these drugs have quadrupled, setting record profits for drug manufacturers. Over 1000 people are treated in emergency rooms per day.

Unfortunately, injury victims are often prescribed opioids to manage their pain. Complicating matters is the fact that injury victims can be more susceptible to encountering depression and anxiety following an accident. It is important to stay vigilant. There are several telltale signs of opioid addiction. The seven most prevalent are:

1. Sudden and dramatic weight loss
2. Change in expected emotional response
3. Rapid mood swings
4. Constipation without reasonable explanation
5. Small or pinpoint pupils
6. Unexplained missing personal items and money

If you or someone you know shows these symptoms please seek help by calling toll free 877-275-6364 or visit recoveryisbeautiful.com .