Typically, your attorney will want to wait until you are finished with your medical care before trying to settle your personal injury case. This is because it isn’t until you are finished with your medical care that your attorney knows the full nature and extent of your injuries and, therefore, the true measure of your damages.

However, in cases where a person has a permanent injury which will require long term future care, waiting until medical treatment is completely is not an option. Under these circumstances, your attorney will advocate for an amount in damages that covers the full extent of not only your past medical care but your future medical care. To do this, it is especially important to have medical documentation that describes the injuries and the future prognosis for treatment and recovery. Similarly, it is important to show documentation that the person is receiving ongoing medical treatment and/or rehabilitative therapy.

While these factors are relatively easy to meet, there are other factors which are more difficult to accomplish and understand. This is why having an attorney advocate for you is typically the better avenue to take after a motor vehicle collision or other accident which results in a personal injury. An example of a more difficult factor is the knowledge of how your state and local laws impact your ability to recover for long-term injuries. There may be laws or provisions in place which limit your recovery or potentially help you recover more. Overall, the settlement amount is not an easy thing to calculate because long-term injuries and their costs are not concrete, allowing for only an educated estimate. An experienced attorney, like the attorneys at Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty LLC, will understand the process of making sure his or her client receives the full amount in compensation for now and in the future.