Greg Tackett received $248,300 as compensation for the injuries he sustained due to a motorcycle accident on May 20, 2014. Greg Tackett was driving his motorcycle on State Route 229 in Morrow County, Ohio, when a distracted motorist turned left in front of Mr. Tackett’s motorcycle at the intersection with State Route 61.  Mr. Tackett made a heroic effort to avoid the collision, and was ejected from his motorcycle and miraculously the only serious injury that Mr. Tackett sustained was a fractured left wrist.

Life Flight was called to the scene by the first responders and Mr. Tackett flown to Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, where Dr. Ryan Klinefelter was waiting to assess Mr. Tackett’s injuries.  Dr. Klinefelter performed a surgery to repair the bones in Mr. Tackett’s left wrist.  The surgery was a success, but the company that insured the distracted driver blamed Mr. Tackett for causing the wreck.  Greg Tackett researched personal injury attorneys in Ohio and he hired attorney Mike Geiser, who is partners with Sydney McLafferty and Scott Bowman.  After meeting Greg Tackett at OSU Medical Center, the team of Geiser, Bowman and McLafferty immediately secured evidence to prove that Greg Tackett did nothing to cause the accident. The partners, Geiser, Bowman and McLafferty reached a settlement for Mr. Tackett from two insurance companies and full compensation was secured for Mr. Tackett’s medical bills, pain and suffering.

Greg Tackett was very pleased with the legal services that his team of accident attorneys. In fact, Mr. Tackett posted a review on Google for his team. Gregg Tackett and his team of Geiser, Bowman and McLafferty are very pleased with the result.