Clark County Crash results in $300,000 Settlement

A Greene County couple suffered significant injuries when a driver made an illegal u-turn in the middle of a two lane road, causing a serious collision. GB Law worked over the course of several years to obtain various settlements with the liability insurance company and under-insured motorist insurance company.

Union County Drunk Driver pays $240,000

A Union County woman on her way home from a night of drinking went left of center and struck a young father on his way to work in the early morning hours. In addition to the one year jail sentence she faced for her criminal charges, her insurance company paid $240,000 to settle the injury claims of our client. This settlement paid for the medical bills and lost earnings as the injured victim missed several months from work.

$317,000 Settlement for Roll Over Crash

As the result of a serious roll over crash, our client sustained numerous fractures to his arm, back and ribs. Due to the severity of the arm fracture, surgery was required. Attorney Matthew E. Ice with GB Law obtained a settlement of $317,000 for his client.

$815,000 Settlement for Car Crash Victim

Attorney Matthew E. Ice with GB Law obtained an $815,000 settlement for a client who was an injured passenger in a car crash. When another motorist failed to yield the right of way, our client suffered serious injury to his spine, requiring several surgeries and months of therapy.

Fractured Leg Causes Ongoing Problems- $285,000 Settlement

A central Ohio woman was injured when another motorist ran a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgery to implant a steel rod. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems resulting from the accident. Attorney J. Scott Bowman produced testimonials from her treating doctors confirming her ongoing problems which lead to a $285,000 settlement.

Fractured Thigh Bone Causes Ongoing Problems $285,000 Settlement

Minding her own business one nice fall afternoon, a woman was crushed by a vehicle that blew a stop sign. The collision resulted in a fractured thigh bone which required a surgical procedure involving the implant of a steel rod. After a lengthy recovery, she found that she continued to limp which then caused additional problems with her hips and low back. The insurance company refused to accept her ongoing problems as related to the car crash. Attorney J. Scott Bowman was able to procure testimonials from her treating doctors to confirm the ongoing problems which led to a $285,000 settlement.

1.1 Million Dollar Settlement for Man Crushed Between Tractor and Trailer

A hard working man was performing his job duties checking the oil and other fluids on a refrigerated trailer in a tow yard when a trucker, without warning, backed his tractor up to couple with the trailer; nearly crushing the man to death between the trailer and tractor. Through the hard work of some of central Ohio’s finest doctors, this individual was able to get back on his feet but unable to perform his job duties ever again. Attorney J. Scott Bowman hired experts to show their client’s inability to perform his job duties, to show his past and future loss income, and loss of ability to perform day to day activities. All of this led up to a settlement conference that resulted in a $1.1 million settlement helping the client care for himself well into his future.

Verdict Forces Insurance Company to Take Responsibility and Pay $100,000

An active, avid amateur hockey player’s life was turned upside when she was struck by a motorist who ran a stop sign while on her lunch break. With the insurance company disputing even the most basic medical care necessary to repair her injured neck, attorneys Mike Geiser and J. Scott Bowman were willing to force the insurance company to take responsibility and took the case to trial. After five days of teamwork between client and the attorneys at GB Law, a verdict of $100,000 was rendered and justice finally obtained for the client.

Relentless Investigation Locates Key Witness in Disputed Liability Crash.

A driver who refused to accept responsibility for causing a crash at a major intersection in the Polaris area of Columbus, Ohio was forced to settle with the Plaintiff, represented by GB Law, after her attorneys located a witness to the collision months afterwards.

Relying on their decades of experience handling auto accident cases, GB Law attorneys were able to locate a witness to a crash many months after it occurred. This witness, now living out of state, agreed to testify about what she saw. As a result, this disputed liability case resolved at mediation with a $225,000 settlement for GB Law’s client who had sustained a severe fracture to her ankle in the collision.