Severe concussion claim resolved for $275,000

GBM Law successfully resolved the case of a young man who was involved in a rear-end accident on US 23. Our client was stopped in morning traffic on his way to work when he was hit. The commercial driver behind him, who was traveling at a high rate of speed, didn’t see the stopped traffic. Our client had multiple injuries, but most notably a concussion with lasting post-concussive impairments. We worked with our client’s medical providers to present clear present and future impairment evidence to establish the case.

Truck Accident results in Significant Shoulder Injury

While returning to work after his lunch break, GBM Law’s client was hit head-on by a truck. Although surgery was performed to repair the damage, our client’s recovery time and future limitations put his career in jeopardy.

GBM Law successfully worked with medical providers and economists to document our client’s future economic damages and was able to settle the case for $285,000.

Serious Head on Collision case resolved in Mediation

Following a serious head on collision that left a driver with facial fractures, an ankle fracture, and a closed head injury, GBM Law was hired to represent a young man in a fight against an insurance company that said the crash was his fault.

Through key witness testimony and an accident reconstruction, the insurance company was convinced in mediation that they should settle and paid $487,500.

Client turned down by other lawyers receives $660,000

After being turned down by other law firms, a woman whose foot was crushed by a forklift came to GBM Law where we were able to secure a $660,000 settlement from a large Midwestern retailer who employed the forklift driver that injured her.

Separate and apart from her workers compensation case, GBM Law successfully held the employer of a forklift driver accountable for the injuries their employee inflicted upon our client who was working for a different company inside the same warehouse at the time of her injury. After extensively litigating the case and battling for the drug test results of the offending driver, Sydney McLafferty and J. Scott Bowman negotiated a settlement that compensated our client for the pain she had incurred as a result of the injury and protected her future with a permanent injury.

Wrongful death caused by large Midwestern waste removal company.

A trash truck was stopped on a hilly and winding road picking up trash. After several near misses, one motorist was killed tragically as she crested a hill and rear-ended the truck. Her family hired GBM Law to get answers.

GBM Law attorney J. Scott Bowman worked tirelessly for more than a year to prove that a trash truck was stopped improperly on a country road and failed to provide adequate warnings to those traveling behind them of their presence. Proving that it was the truck’s position on the road and NOT the fault of the deceased, her family agreed to settle the case for $750,000.

Slumlord held responsible for carbon monoxide death of tenant.

A disabled man living in a rental property was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. He ultimately succumbed to his injuries six months later. His family retained GBM Law to get answers.

GBM Law’s Sydney McLafferty hired a heating and plumbing specialist to inspect the rental property within days of the carbon monoxide leak. The inspection showed that despite hazard warnings, the furnace had been turned back on by maintenance staff. A dislodged vent filled the rental property with high levels of carbon monoxide. At times feeling like David versus Goliath, GBM Law litigated countless motions filed by the nine (9) lawyers representing the opposing parties. The defendants knew GBM would take the case to trial and ultimately agreed to settle for a combined settlement of $765,000 just before the trial date.

$1 Million Dollar Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim

After a long battle with a large local corporation, GBM Law secured a $900,000 settlement with the employer of the negligent driver who pulled out in front of a motorcyclist. This money, combined with the driver’s $100,000 insurance policy limit, finalized the $1 million dollar resolution for our client.

Attorney Michael Geiser successfully litigated a complicated case in Delaware County, Ohio against the employer of the negligent driver arguing that the employer was liable for the acts of their employee under agency principles of law. The $1 million dollar settlement provided substantial compensation for the injured victim who sustained spinal cord injuries in the motorcycle crash.

$1,075,000 settlement for mother and small children struck in cross-walk.

While a mother was crossing East Broad Street with her 6 day old infant, her 2 year old toddler and her 6 year old son, a motorist turning left struck the family of 4 while they lawfully crossed the street in the crosswalk and with the walk sign illuminated.

GBM Law and Sydney McLafferty worked quickly and diligently with the medical providers to obtain the necessary documentation to overcome Ohio’s statutory cap on damages. While there is never an amount of money that will make these lifelong injuries fair, GBM Law was able to make sure that any medical care needed now or in the future will be available to these young victims of a driver who was clearly distracted.

$2,200,000 Birth Injury Settlement for Madison County family

Due to a tragic incident in Madison County, Ohio, a baby sustained long term injuries while in-utero. Unfortunately, due to the state of medical malpractice cases in Ohio, a lawsuit was required to hold those medical professionals who carelessly injured this child accountable. The settlement, approved by the Madison County Probate Court, will provide for the child’s needs as they age.

GBM Law obtains highest recorded verdict for loss of consortium claim in Pickaway County, Ohio

The spouse of a man traumatically brain injured in an auto collision received $150,000 from a Pickaway County jury.

Some cases involve more than just the physical injuries. Families are also affected as they deal with the aftermath of a collision. One such family hired GBM Law to represent them after their lives were upended following a crash in Pickaway County. With bills going to collections and the loss of their breadwinner, the spouse of an injured victim was forced to provide care for her husband and family by day and work nights to make ends meet. At trial, GBM Law attorneys successfully argued to a jury that the spouse should be compensated for her losses resulting from the crash in addition to those sustained by her husband. The jury agreed and awarded her the highest amount recorded for such an award in the county.