The Importance of Keeping a Physical Emergency Contact List

The Importance of Keeping a Physical Emergency Contact List

A GB Law client recently shared a frightening experience that happened while traveling out of state. After his cell phone was destroyed in a serious crash, he arrived at the hospital, injured and alone. He was in shock and unable to think clearly. Despite his best efforts, he simply could not remember the phone numbers of even his closest family members. In this day and age, we store everything in our phone.

Although Americans collectively check their smartphones upwards of 8 billion times per day, many people do not even know the phone numbers of their spouses or their close relatives. This can be a problem if your phone is lost or destroyed. Even if you have information memorized, if you are incapacitated, or you find yourself unable to remember your phone’s password, others need a way to locate emergency contact information to help you.

In an emergency situation, an Emergency Contact Card can be an important resource or reference, either for yourself or others caring for you. Everyone should carry something in their wallet with loved ones to contact in an emergency.

By their very nature, emergencies are unpredictable events, but with a few simple steps, you can help yourself in advance. The American Red Cross offers a free Emergency Contact Card that you can print out, fill out, and carry with you. You can also purchase a customizable emergency card on Amazon with similar information that is waterproof and laminated. This information should be easily accessible in your wallet, clearly identifying people to call or text in an emergency. You can also note things like “I have pets at home alone” that need care, to notify any caregivers that someone should be sent to your address.

If you are involved in a car accident and find yourself facing an uncertain future, you are not alone. In the past three decades, the Ohio personal injury lawyers at GB Law have represented thousands of our neighbors and friends in Ohio and have recovered over $200 million for our clients. Our focus is to advocate for and compassionately serve the people and families we represent and the communities in which we live.

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